Álfsól Lind is part of the Icelandic reforestation

Álfsól Lind and her colleagues was granted with the SNS and NordGen scholarship in 2020. They went from their nursery on Iceland to a nursery in Norway to see new technology that can make it possible to produce many many more plants in the same area. Something that is crucial to Icelandic nurseries, that needs to produce a lot more plants to reach the governments goals.


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– It was important to be there and to meet the people that has already done it, Álfsól says about the study trip to Norwegian plant nurseries.

– In Biri they haven’t built any new greenhouses, they have just used the technology to increase their production and that is what we hope to be able to do as well.

Now the nursery where Álfsól is working is in the planning stage for the buildings and preparations needed to start using the new technology. In the future they hope to invite their new Norwegian friends at the nurseries they visited, to have a look at a brand new production at their nursery on Iceland.

If you want to go on a study trip in forest seed or plant production, regeneration methods and tree breeding, apply for the SNS and NordGen scholarship! You can also apply for other smaller projects or expenses for printing reports or in connection to a thesis in the subject. Read more!

The scholarship is a SNS and NordGen cooperation for Nordic benefit. Visit NordGen!


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