OPEN CALL for networking activities

Focus areas

  • biodiversity management in production forests
  • forestry and reindeer herding

SNS and the Forest Bioeconomy Network hereby offers you a new opportunity to apply for funding for a conference or workshop, for writing a larger application for research funding or design policy recommendations for example. The activities should be useful for the Nordic community and should include knowledge exchange across national borders.

Two reindeers in snowy forest. Photo.

Biodiversity is crucial

One of our special focuses this time is biodiversity management in production forests. We want networks including experts on biodiversity and forest management that can provide insightful facts, new solutions and guidance to the Nordic forest sector regarding management that balance biodiversity and production in forests where forestry is practiced.


Forestry and reindeer herding – hand in hand

The other special focus is forestry and reindeer herding. To prevent the decline of available ground lichen for reindeer, we call for networks that study the effects of forest management on winter grazing resources for reindeer. Networks could also study the interaction between forestry and reindeer husbandry e.g. the intersection between reindeer-adapted policies and forest management.


Nordic forestry is the essence

But we also welcome applications from networks focusing on other aspects of Nordic forests and forestry. If your network relates to any of these strategy goals, don’t hesitate to apply:
– Maintenance and increased utilisation of forest-based ecosystem services
– Climate change mitigation and adaptation
– Meeting the demands of sustainable forest management in a growing bioeconomy

Apply September 21st 2020 at 24:00 CET at the latest!

Information about open call and aplication for SNS networks

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