SNS board strives for a younger perspective

This autumn, the SNS board wants to include a youth member. The first steps to make this possible were taken at SNS’s last board meeting.


Hopefully, in the autumn, the average age of the board will be reduced, thanks to Mikal Råheim, NMBU who is expected to become the first youth member of the SNS Board. A youth representative will give SNS a younger perspective from someone with insight in current research and education.


Changes in the statutes

In this context, “youth” is considered to be a person studying at the bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral level in the Nordic forest sector. The idea is that the youth member will be elected for two years at a time and we will take into account an even gender distribution.

The statutes of SNS will need to be changed to enable a youth representative. Changes will also be made to ensure that the future board will be more equal and have an even gender distribution, there should be no room for anything else.


Gender report and other projects

SNS are currently producing a report on gender equality in the Nordic forest sector, which will be proudly presented on our website, in social media and newsletter when it is finished.

SNS also has a list of future projects. You will hear about the projects we are launching in the future – follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss anything!


SNS at IUFRO in Brazil

In September you can meet SNS in the Swedish booth at IURFO’s world exhibition in Curitiba in Brazil! We will also, through Mats Hannerz, host a side event at IUFRO. The next World Congress will be held 2024 in Stockholm, Sweden!

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