Full list: who got the scholarship?

The decision is made! These are the beneficiaries of the SNS and NordGen scholarship 2019.


Scenic view of forest and waterfall. Photo.

Icelandic nature. Photo: Andrzej, Pixabay

Every year SNS and NordGen announces a joint scholarship. We want to contribute to common Nordic benefit by supporting education, continuing education and knowledge exchange for persons working or studying within forest seed or plant production, regeneration methods and tree breeding in the Nordic countries.

This year, the scholarship will accomplish that goal by funding for example costs in conjunction to a master thesis on sustainable seedling production in forest nurseries. There is of course some costs involved when writing a master thesis, and the scholarship is a perfect opportunity to get some help with the funding.

Even a smaller study may require travels and accommodation. Therefore we fund travel costs for fieldwork and analyzing of data for a study on Iceland on ecosystem services.

To meet and exchange knowledge across the Nordic borders is one of our main goals for SNS. This years scholarship will fund participation in conferences for a few people, like the Nordgen Forests Conference 2019 in Iceland.

We also fund a study trip to southern England to learn and improve the work back home. Another receiver this year is arranging a course to forward knowledge from experienced to newly employed. To take courses can build new knowledge and give ideas of new areas to explore, so we think the scholarship is well spent in that way and have funded both participation in a NOVA course and other ones.

We hope you all will enjoy and benefit from your travels, courses, conferences and projects! After the activities there will be reports available here on the SNS site.


These are this years beneficiaries:

Ainhoa Calleja-Rodriguez Sweden 8 000 NOK
Johanna Carlsson Sweden 11 000 NOK
Per Olav Grande Norway 15 000 NOK
Louise Hjelmrot Denmark 8 068 NOK
Grace Jones Sweden 4 000 NOK
George David King Iceland 10 100 NOK
Melissa Magerøy Norway 15 000 NOK
Diana Marčiulynienė Lithuania 5 600 NOK
Gunilla Holmberg Finland 12 000 NOK
Åke Olson Sweden 15 000 NOK
Wenzi Ren Sweden 15 000 NOK
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