WAMBAF provides tools for better water quality

Text: Mats Hannerz

The WAMBAF project (Water management in Baltic forests) was completed in February 2019 (read about the project in News & Views No. 1, 2017). Its overall aim was to reduce nutrient and mercury export from forestry to streams.

New planning tools, films, guidelines for good practice and a management handbook have been produced during the project. Focus has been on three main factors that significantly impact water quality: riparian forests, forest drainage and beaver activity.

For each of the factors, a toolbox including films and additional best practice guidelines is available. A comprehensive handbook about management of beavers is one significant product of WAMBAF. Another is an app for ditch inventory. The mobile application supports inventory and ditch management by using topographic information.

Most of the material is available in all languages of the partners, including Polish. All material is available from Skogsstyrelsen.


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