IUFRO:s World Congress 2024 in Sweden

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and Sweden are the hosts of the IUFRO World Congress 2024, announces the Swedish delegation from Oregon in the United States.


IUFRO. Logotype.– IUFRO has chosen Stockholm to host the IUFRO World Congress 2024, which is a winning slot for Europe, the Nordic region and Sweden, says project manager Fredrik Ingemarson.

Giant storefront

The SNS secretary Jonas Rönnberg has also participated in the Swedish delegation, and in the IUFRO board meeting in Oregon, USA.

– The application was a Nordic cooperation. The hosting will be a giant storefront for the Nordic and baltic forest sectors and for SNS. It can create interest for forestry and make more student interested in forest related education and Nordic researchers have a huge opportunity to show off there research.

– SNS has been contributing in the application process with for example contacts and excursion planning. There will be more to do for us in arranging the congress. 

The Nordic perspective on forestry will be internationally noted in relation to other perspectives on forestry. The Swedish forest sector also has the opportunity to increase the understanding of international processes and the rapid global development of products, genetics, fire management, climate commitments, environmental analysis, urbanization, certification, ownership and usage issues regarding our natural resources.

Developing the Swedish forest sector

– Sweden and SLU currently have forest research of world class. A IUFRO World Congress 2024 in Sweden increases the possibilities of developing the Swedish forestry sector, research and education in forest and environmental matters according to future requirements, says SLU principal Peter Högberg.

The theme of the IUFRO World Congress 2024 is future analysis and forestry innovations. The congress will be held at the Stockholmsmässan with excursions in Sweden, the Baltics and the other Nordic countries.

Two men and a woman standing infront of IUFRO logo. Photo.

Project manager Fredrik Ingemarson, SLU, coordinator Karin Hornay, Akademikonferens and SLU principal Peter Högberg presents application binder in birch. Photo: Lucy Kibwota, SLU

Nordic-Baltic cooperation

Sweden and Stockholm are well positioned to host the World Congress, together with our neighbors. The appointment is the result of a successful cooperation between the Swedish, Nordic and Baltic forest sectors. Neighboring countries will participate as hosts for excursions, and the Nordic Council of Ministers supports the hostess.

IUFRO has long been an established worldwide organization for forest research professionals. Every five years the congress is organized, with a very wide range of forest, landscape and environmental issues. Stockholm, Paris and Moscow competed for hosting the World Congress this time.

Gathers stakeholders from all over the world

The congress is hosted in different continents and brings together 5 000 delegates from business, government, academia and non-governmental organizations. Ministers, politicians and journalists participate. Sweden has once hosted the IUFRO World Congress almost 100 years ago, 1929.


Text: Fredrik Ingemarson, Kaia Ekegren

Contact: Project manager Fredrik Ingemarson (0702-90 85 19, fredrik.ingemarson@slu.se)

More information with news and movies: www.slu.se/iufro2024

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