New chairman: Ivar Ekanger works for cooperation with the forest industry

Since the turn of the year, Norway has the chairmanship of SNS. The chairman is Ivar Ekanger, a man with many assignments and long experience, who would like to see that SNS connects more closely with the forestry industry.


Man and a woman at a table. Photo.

Birgitta Vainio-Mattila, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Ivar Ekanger.

Ivar Ekanger is a happy dot with great engagement and many commitments in different directions. He is an educated forester, and he is also a landscape architect. He has been doing research for a period, but for the most part of his career he has worked for the Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food. He has been working there for 36 years with forest policy and environmental issues.


Ivar has also been working for a long time for Nordic cooperation in the Nordic Council of Ministers. He promotes experience transfer and cooperation.

It is important that when we say that management should be knowledge-based, it means that we must seek real knowledge and not assumptions and myths. And SNS is about networking and researchers who work to find the “truth” in their areas.

No big changes

In his new role as chairman of SNS, Ivar wants to carry on the good work already done in SNS. He is positive about the work so far and wants to make SNS a continuing strong force in developing the methods of utilizing the resources of the forest.

Two men and a woman sitting at a black table. Photo.

Ivar Ekanger, chairman of SNS, to the left Kjartan Hreinsson, Ministry of Industries and Innovation/office agriculture and to the right Birgitta Vainio-Mattila, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Together with other natural resources, the Nordic forests have contributed to the fact that the Nordic countries are world leading in terms of welfare and social security, and we should ensure that they continue to contribute.

I want SNS, and everybody working with us in networks and research institutions, to be committed to find documentable and verifiable knowledge that is needed, knowledge that can be used in the practical, long-term and sustainable management of our forest resources.

Ivar sees the secretariat as the heaviest part of the work for a strong SNS and Nordic forest research collaboration. It is important for him that SNS nurtures contacts outside of research; authorities and research institutions of course, but also the forest industry and the younger generation, who will manage the forest in the future.

A lot of boards…

Ivar Ekanger. Portrait.

Ivar Ekanger, chairman of SNS.

But it’s not all about work – even if it tends to lean that way …

Every time I get a new hobby, I get into the board for that hobby and get less time to engage in the hobby itself.

He has thus had a lot of board assignments in his spare time too. But obviously he has got some spare time: he has been running all the long cycling races in the Nordic countries – in other words, he must have seen a lot of the Nordic forests.

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