Bright future for Big data

Forest machine data may help to take efficiency and precision of forestry to the next level – there are many exciting examples of how machine-generated data can be captured and used. But there are also questions about data ownership, ethics and GDPR-compliance.

The SNS CAR NB NORD will arrange a workshop where researchers will share ideas and experiences on working with forest data and applications and talk about future opportunities and potential obstacles on the way.

Modern forest machines continuously generate large amounts of data on harvested trees and machine performance. Based on these data, smart decision support tools and models for feedback and support can be developed. Potential end-users for such tools and models are forest companies as well as forest owners and machine entrepreneurs and operators. NB NORD wants to make use of the data in the best way and therefore arranges a two day event with good chances for researchers to meet and exchange knowledge.

The first day will be a plenary meeting including key note speakers with different perspectives on big data applications in forestry and other sectors and national perspectives from participating NB-NORD countries.

The second day will be focusing on workshop meetings in smaller groups where more detailed presentations on specific topics will be held by participants. Workshop themes are sources of data, infrastructure, operator feedback and support and applications.

The workshop is held in Norway, day one in NIBIO and the second day in Oscarsborg in Norway. The date is June 19-20, 2018.

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