Final meeting: SNS network organizes conference on sustainability

Use of the Nordic ecosystem services needs to be sustainable, despite a growing global population, and this requires good governance. SNS researchers cooperate in a conference on the subject.

April 17-19 the conference “Governing sustainability of bioenergy, biomaterial and bioproduct supply chains from forest and agricultural landscapes” will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The SNS-NKJ network “Effects of bioenergy production from forests and agriculture on ecosystem services in Nordic and Baltic landscapes”, the SNS Centre of Advanced Research on Environmental Services from Nordic Forest Ecosystems (CAR-ES) and IEA Bioenergy organize it. The organizers want to explore and discover the benefits and challenges associated with governing the sustainability of bioenergy, biomaterial and bioproduct supply chains from forest and agricultural landscapes.

Identifying lessons learned on how data and scientific knowledge may inform development of well-functioning, credible and legitimate sustainability governance systems for bioenergy and the bioeconomy. This also includes their continuous improvement and adaptation to new conditions.

Exploring and comparing the variety of approaches to sustainability governance that are emerging or exist in different geographical regions, for different biomass-based supply chains, as a basis for building theory on how trust and legitimacy of sustainability governance systems is granted and achieved.

Providing a forum for information exchange between researchers and other stakeholders involved in developing sustainability regulations and standards, assuring that standards are being met, or implementing standards on-the-ground in the bioenergy and bioeconomy sectors, through which policy advice can be developed.

Participants will be both researchers and stakeholders from relevant sectors. The mix will create a forum for exchange of views on what is needed, what is working well, and where the opportunities for improving the effectiveness and legitimacy of sustainability governance might be found.

The three day event will combine the conference with a field trip.

Registration is open until March 15.

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