SNS takes part in shaping future forest research

SNS secretary Jonas Rönnberg has participated in a seminar about the Swedish forest industry’s agenda for future forest research.

Gloved hand holding a petri disch. Photo.Last week the Swedish forest industry held a seminar and launched its new research agenda: Forskningsagenda 4.0.

The research agenda is a summary of the forest industry’s research and development needs for the future. It pinpoints four areas where the industry sees a need for increased research efforts: increase growth in sustainable forests, strengthen the competitiveness of existing processes and products, develop new, bio-based products and increase industrial wood construction.

“We need a doubling of the research investments,” Torgny Persson, the research and innovation director of forest industry, says in the introduction to the research agenda (Forskningsagenda 4.0). He considers that size of increased investments in research are needed to make Sweden a biobased society.

Many people have contributed to the updated agenda, including several of our SNS supported researchers as well the secretariat. The agenda is national but will together with other countries agendas serve as a guide also for the SNS supported activities.

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