Sumforest final conference in pictures

Poster session – Summer School for Young Students


Man and a woman looking at a posterboard. Photo.

Tomás Busha, NFC-FRI, in conversation at poster session.

Three women standing in front of posterboard. Photo.

Daria Tebenkova shows and discusses her poster.

Man standing in front of posterborad. Photo.

Maksym Buksha showing his poster made at the Summer School for Young Researchers 2017.

People looking at posterboards. Photo.

Ganna Lobchenko showing her poster to participants at Sumforest final conference.

Man reading a poster. Photo.

Jean-Luc Peyron having a look at one of the posters at the poster session.

Man and a woman talking. Photo.

Annamaria Marzetti at poster session.

Group of people standing next to posterboards. Photo.

Poster session.

Two men standing next to a posterboard. Photo.

Group of people standing between posterboards and a wall. Photo.


Mingle and audience

People mingeling. Photo.

The conference gave a lot of thoughts and ideas to discuss with collegues from many countries.

Man in a suit is handing a microphone to another man. Photo.

Dietmar Jäger, BFW, and Jean-Luc Peyron, GIP Ecofor.

Audience, all is looking in the same direction. Photo.


Woman looking at a laptop. Photo.

Annamaria Marzetti, MIPAAF.

People sitting in rows. Photo.

Sant Pau Art Noveau Site

Exterior of Sant Pau. Photo.

Exterior of Sant Pau Art Noveau. Photo.

One of the side buildings at Sant Pau Art Noveau Site in Barcelona.

Pink marble ceiling and stone pelars. Photo.

Beautiful roof in Sant Pau Art Noveau Site in Barcelona, location for Sumforest final conference “Bridging research, policy and practice for sustainable forest management”.

Exterior of Sant Pau and inner yard. Photo.

The inner yard at Sant Pau Art Noveau Site in Barcelona.


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