Apply for NOVA Master’s course on insect management

University of Helsinki gives you the chance to know more about insect control. They arranges a course on the subject because they see a increasing need for pest management.

The focus of the course will be insect control and the role of Bioinformatics. Changes in pest management is a must over the coming ten years because of legislative restrictions on pesticide use and the evolution of pest and disease resistance. There will be a growing demand to develop new solutions that are practical and effective at the grower level.

The course is organised by Dr. Ingeborg Menzler-Hokkanen, University of Helsinki – Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. It will take place on 11-15 December in Helsinki, Finland.

Application deadline is November 15 2017Apply by sending an email to the course responsible Dr. Ingeborg Menzler Hokkanen (, and cc the email to professor Heikki Hokkanen (

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