International cooperation crucial for research

Johannes Breidenbach, coordinator (CARISMA (2016-2020) Centre of Advanced Research for the innovative use of 3D remote sensing in mapping of forestand landscape attributes based on national forest inventories)


Johannes Breidenbach. Portrait.Education/job: Dipl. Forstwirt (German title for Master in Forest Sciences), Dr. Rer. Nat. (German for PhD) on Forest Biometrics.
Age: 38.           
Family: Wife.
Location: Apartment in a small Norwegian town.
Hobby: Outdoor sports such as hiking and cross country skiing.
Last read book: Nessa Carey, Junk DNA and Jo Nesbø, Politi.
Unexpected talent: “I can prepare one of the world’s best lasagnas. Really.”


Make sense of all the information

Information is something we have a lot of today – and most likely even more tomorrow. That means we need to find ways to take care of the information to make use of it.


Johannes Breidenbach underlines the importance of co-operation in research work. Especially international co-operation will be crucial, in his opinion. That requires infrastructure and networking, like in SNS.

– Without structures that help us working together, all generations of researchers need to establish their own networks individually.

Networking boosts career

Networking is important for young researchers, and Johannes Breidenbachs advice to them (being one himself in fact…) is:

– Building up international network of researchers from the same and neighboring areas is very important and will boost your careers in ways that may be hard to see until afterwards.

Research for down to earth use

In his own research, he tries to develope methods to improve forest monitoring. Often, this involves the combination of national forest inventory sample plots and remote sensing data, especially if forest information on smaller areas are required. The dream of his researcher mind is that he and the other participants will develop methods that comes into practice and is useful for their field of research.

– Improved information results in improved decisions.

The future is present at all times, the vision and the motivation is to contribute to a sustainable development for the future. And to learn! To find out new things and to learn every day.

Acknowledge the technical development

To politicians he wants to point at the rapid technical development which changes the way forest data are collected. That requires research on how to best obtain data. It is also important that the forestry education gives tomorrows researchers the technical and statistical knowledge to address new research and development questions.

There is also a need for better co-operation between national forest inventories, forest management inventories, forest planning, and remote sensing communities. Johannes Breidenbach is certain the largest innovations and improvements are most likely in the area between these research areas.


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