Competition is getting tough in green energy

Nordic collaboration about green energy is strongly advised in a report that Jorma Ollila made for Nordic Council of Ministers.

– For the moment the Nordic countries are leading the competition, but each country separately can be to weak to survive in the international competition. The question is whether we can afford not to cooperate in this matter, says Ollila, who thinks the biggest challenge for the Nordic countries will come during the next ten years.

The competition in the green energy area will get tougher rapidly and big actors will invest.

Jorma Ollila suggests the Nordic countries to set ambitious goals and have a clear vision of what to achieve.

– The goal should be to innovate the smartest energy system in the world and to find the most economic way for the transition to green economy.

The report consists of 14 suggestions for tighter collaboration in the green energy area. Read more the report: ”Samarbeid er avgjørende forat Norden skal beholde verdensledelsen”



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