Increasing interest for education in Swedish forestry

There isn’t even room for all students wanting to learn more about forestry in southern Sweden. More than ever apply for the courses and programs.

The European network of former students is growing every year. There are grants for foreign students to come to the agricultural university Alnarp outside of Malmö, and the big Swedish furniture company IKEA grants polish and Baltic students. Today there is also a two year master program called Euroforester.

But not only foreign student wants to study in Alnarp. Swedish students from the northern parts of the country takes some of their courses in there.

Now the university has got 24 brand new rooms for students. All in all there is 220 rooms for rent, and there are other alternatives outside of the university area.

Read more in the newsletter for SLU/Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, Skog Alnarp – Många vill läsa skog i Alnarp (PDF)!

Do you know someone interested?

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