Quality Forest Management

The quality forest management themes addresses innovative ways of managing urban tree and urban woodland resources. Also included is attention for urban forest resources in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Among the activities under this theme are:

  • Assessment of urban tree populations in ten Nordic cities. Status: completed, and article published in Urban Forestry & Urban Greening.
  • Assessment of urban woodland resources in the Nordic countries. Status: Danish survey completed and article published in Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research. Further work in Denmark and Sweden ongoing.
  • Review of non-native urban tree species and their risk of invasiveness. Status: review paper finalised and to be submitted;┬ádebate article to be written for publication in national professional journals.
  • Development of a new standard for urban tree inventories. The standard is initially developed for Sweden, but the ambition is to make it into a Nordic one. Status: Delphi study of criteria completed among key Nordic practitioners and experts. Draft article available.
  • Study of field layer preferences among forest visitors in Denmark, Norway and Sweden (SNS-funded). Status: ongoing.
  • Study of public involvement in local woodland management (case: Holstebro, Denmark), as a collaboration between Denmark and Sweden. Status: ongoing.
  • PhD course on urban forest management, including public involvement aspects. Status: initial ideas developed – possibly in 2014.


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