Urban forest resources

Theme: Assessing the scope and qualities of Nordic urban forests.

This theme includes inventory of existing urban forest resources in the Nordic countries using forest and other inventory methods.

Moreover, it addresses the assessing of urban forest goods and services in the Nordic countries, using e.g. newly developed assessment methods. Special attention will be given to environmental benefits such as water management and amelioration of urban climates, and social benefits such as the aesthetic and health impacts of urban forests.


Provide an easy-accessible information base of Nordic urban forests and their qualities, e.g. through development of GIS-based assessment systems. Tools like this should strengthen the policy-science interface within Nordic (urban) forestry.


University of Helsinki, Forest & Landscape Denmark, with Estonian University of Life Sciences for Baltic coordination.

Projects / focus areas

  • Relationships between urban forests, human health and wellbeing
  • People’s preferences and perceptions of urban forests


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