This page lists information about upcoming and past meetings and events within CARe-FOR-US.

Future meetings

20-21 November: CARe-FOR-US meeting in Riga, Latvia


Minutes and reports from previous meetings

16-18 June 2014: International conference on Urban Tree Diversity, SLU Alnarp Sweden:

28-29 April 2014: CARe-FOR-US and EFINORD meeting in Umeå, Sweden

9-11 October 2013: International conference, Tartu, Estonia.

29-31 May 2013: CARe-FOR-US II project meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland (minutes)

3-4 December 2012, Helsinki: Minutes_CARe_FOR_US_II_Helsinki_2012

14-16 May 2012, Alnarp: CARe_FOR_US_minutes_Alnarp_May_2012.

23-27 April 2012, Nødebo: NOVA / CARe-FOR-US PhD course on Governance in Urban Forestry and Urban Greening

25-26 August 2011, Stavanger: Minutes_CARe_FOR_US_II_Stavanger_2011.

24 January – 2 February 2011, Alnarp: NOVA / CARe-FOR-US PhD course on Urban Dendrology

24-25 March 2011, Copenhagen: CARe-FOR-US II start up meeting in Copenhagen (pdf)

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