Planning and design

Theme: Analysis and development of the planning and design of Nordic urban forests

When new urban forests are established, or when existing urban forests are to be transformed, good planning and design that are closely linked with future management are important.

Innovative planning and design will be identified. Also, the role of landscape laboratories and reference landscapes in enhancing cross-disciplinary and cross-stakeholder communication in planning and design will be studied.


Analyse Nordic experiences within the planning and design of urban forests, and develop new planning and design tools, with emphasis on urban afforestation and on restoration and developing contexts of existing forest landscapes.


SLU Alnarp, with Estonian University of Life Science for Baltic coordination.

Projects / focus areas

  • Selection of plant material for use in urban green spaces.


  • Nielsen, A.B., Jensen, R.B., 2007. Some visual aspects of planting design and silviculture across contemporary forest management paradigms: Perspectives for urban afforestation. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 6, 143-157.

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