An OSCAR2 Co-ordinating Committee meeting was held on September 8. Decisions were made to encourage Focus area Workshops during 2015 and also to support a Joint CAR Conference in early 2015 with SNS stakeholders as the main target group.

A Workshop on HCT, CTI and Forest Roads was held August 26-28, 2014 in Finland. Some 30 practitioners and researchers from the Nordic -Baltic area echanged the latest news, and agreed on focus areas for the coming years. Minutes, powerpoint slides and other material is available  here.

The joint OSCAR14 conference in Uppsala, Sweden, June 25-27, 2014 has been succesfully concluded. In addition to the presentation of the State-of-the-art of OSCAR2’s focus issues, the coordinating committee and the OSCAR2 work group had meetings to decide on future co-operation end exchange of ideas. Proceedings containing Abstracts of the over 60 Conference presentations have been published as Skogforsk Arbetsrapport nr 830, 2014.

12-13/11 2013: Contractor Forestry received attention at OSCAR Workshop. Programme available here. Proceedings here. Read an overview of the outcomes and access PDF’s of featured presentations:  Click here to view OSCAR Contractor Forestry

15-16/8 2013: Workshop on transport technology and low volume roads.

28/5 2013: CC meeting.

15-16/5: OSCAR was presented and discussed during SNS Board meeting and CAR leader meeting in Bornholm.

8/4 2013: Rolf Björheden takes over the coordination of OSCAR.

The OSCAR12 Biennial research conference was successfully held in Riga, Latvia on October 24-26, 2012. See

OSCAR2 was presented during SNS 40-year celebration i Copenhagen, July 3, 2012.

During 2011 four workshops were carried out:

1. September 21: Transport workshop in Gothenburg, Sweden, with special emphasis on European Modular System (EMS). The event was held in conjunction with a demonstration day in Gothenburg arranged by “Green corridors”, in which a number of EMS concepts were demonstrated and discussed.

Contact persons: Claes Löfroth and Niklas Fogdestam, Skogforsk.

2. November 10-11: A silviculture workshop was held in Ikšķile, Latvia, gathering 13 participants from 7 countries including all Baltic countries and Russia. Top priorities were assigned to mechanized planting and mounding technologies, particularly, soil preparation on wet soils. The working group’s web site:
Contact person: Andis Lazdins, Silava.

3. November 22-23: A two day seminar/workshop was conducted in Hyytiälä, Finland, on soil impact in relation to forest operations. This workshop was organized jointly by the CAR:s OSCAR2 and CAR-ES.
Contact persons: Heikki Pajuoja, Metsäteho, and Leena Finér, Metla.

4. December 8: A group of researchers met in Copenhagen to discuss contractor forestry and related issues.
Contact persons: Kjell Suadicani, Skov & landskap, and Klas Norin, Skogforsk.

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