Nordic network for tall wood buildings


Wooden beams at ceiling inside of wooden building. Photo. Coordinator: Peder Fynholm, Danish Technological Institute, 

Financing: 250 000 SEK

The Nordic network for tall wood buildings will seek to gather all good forces with a common interest in advancing tall wood buildings in the Nordic countries. The network will comprise both researchers, manufacturers, construction clients, contractors, architects and policy makers.


Establishing contact to relevant stakeholders in Denmark, Norway and Sweden (researchers, construction clients, contractors, architects, policy makers) 


Two workshops held in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.


Coordination with ongoing and future activities: 

  • WSE – Northern European Network for Wood Science and Engineering (established 2005) 
  • Danish network for tall wood buildings (established 2017) 
  • COST Action: High-rise wooden building (applied for in 2016) 
  • BSR project: Nordic network for tall wood buildings (to be applied for in 2017)