– Improving utilization of biocontrol research for practical plant protection solutions in agriculture and forestry

Coordinator: Ramesh Vetukuri


Period: 2018-2019

Red berries growing in moss. Photo

Nature needs it. EU requires it. Everybody wants it: sustainable, bio-based plant protection solutions. But so few of the many research projects in the sector is transferred into practical use!


The main goal for the SNS network Dialogue Biocontrol is to make people talk and interact. Not all specimen of humankind, but at least those engaged in controlling pests, pathogens and weeds in a bio-based and sustainable way. The purpose is to open the gates between research and commercial actors to make dialogue possible. A dialogue which is the base for all furthers steps in the process of making use of knowledge!

When people from different disciplines meet, they can identify which research projects has a realistic potential for commercial interests. Researchers can learn and understand the way in which an idea becomes reality and to plan for this to happen. They also need to know how and where to find relevant industrial partners.

Keep up the production

Control of pests and pathogens are crucial. Pests and pathogens are a major bottleneck for increased production and sustainable development in forestry and agriculture in future climate. At the same time we need to reduce the use of chemical pesticides. So it is a waste of resources not to transfer academic knowledge into industry to develop the bio-based plant protection solutions.

The network will provide a platform for cross-fertilization of ideas, methods and practical experience of biocontrol in agriculture and forestry. The first meeting will be held in Alnarp in Sweden in December. Ten months later the participants meet for a workshop and in between the physical meetings there are many opportunities for contact by email and skype and a lot of job will be executed in the workgroups.

Reaching out

But there are more gateways to open. There is a need to improve dissemination of ideas to policy makers, funding agencies, professionals and public authorities. A task that this network takes on.

The network will also undertake a survey with stakeholders and farmers about the present usage of biocontrol and plant based protection methods to control diseases and their efficiency in controlling diseases.



Forest sector

Denmark: UCPH, AU, Borregaard Bioplant ApS
Finland: Luke, Metsäteho, Verdera
Norway: NIBIO, Norsk Juletre, Forest nurseries in Norway
Sweden: SLU, Skogsstyrelsen, Skogssällskapet, SkogForsk, LRF (Skog)

Agriculture sector

Denmark: Danske Kartofler, SEGES
Finland: UEF, Finnish Food Safety authority EVIRA
Norway: NIBIO, NLR – Norsk Lantbruksrådgivning
Sweden: SLU, Partnerskap Alnarp, Findus AB, Swedish Potato Growers, Centre for Biological Control (CBC), Jordbruksverket, LRF (Trädgård, Växtodling)