North European Forest Mycologists (NEFOM)


Coordinator: Kessy Abarenkov, Tartu University,


Final report 2020

Final report 2023

Close up on pine branch. Photo.The long-term aim of the network is to strengthen the collaboration between the NEFOM labs all working with (molecular) ecology of forest fungi and developing data management tools.

Goals for 2020:

  • We will work with opening forest biodiversity data in order to build digital services for the researchers, stakeholders and public.
  • Scientific meeting “Creating Nordic-Baltic course on the forest biodiversity data management” on best data management practices will be organised in spring 2020.
  • Open workshop “Back to the roots” in autumn 2020 will focus on how to bring Nordic biodiversity data and associated digital services together in machine readable and FAIR format. The idea is to come up with practical schema for the developing digital data services which help to understand how extreme weather events influence forests.