Centre of Advanced Research in Forest Health and Forest Genetics to enhance Bioeconomy (2016 – 2020)

Coordinator: Dr. Tuija Aronen, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke),

Financing: 450.000 SEK/year for 5 years

The overall objective of HealGenCAR is to support development and implementation of good practices for use and management of forest genetic resources, as well as pest and disease management to the benefit of Nordic societies. The specific objective of HealGenCAR is to enhance a Nordic research environment by continuing the long tradition in collaboration in forest genetics, pathology, entomology and breeding in the Nordic region. The network will ensure continuation of the valuable Nordic cooperation previous supported by SNS in GENECAR, ADAPCAR, PATHCAR and earlier networks. The network will include researchers from Baltic countries and link closely to new or on-going activities within the field in Europe.

Development towards productive, healthy and adapted forests and forest ecosystems involve multiple steps, and must be guided by understanding regarding:

  1. Genetic management (studies on genetic processes, including epigenetics and on gain vs. diversity, with focus on the adaptive potential of Nordic species)
  2. Pest and disease management (studies on risk assessments, genetic variation in resistance, prevention and control measurements, especially for new or enforced biotic damages)
  3. Genetic improvement (studies on effective breeding for multiple traits of economic importance, as well as for traits regarding adaptation and resistance), and
  4. Genetic deployment (studies on genetic deployment zones (GxE), international plant trade, effective vegetative propagation techniques and short rotation plantations).