NOVA course: Hybrid Inference @ Ås, Norway
May 27 @ 08:30 – May 31 @ 17:00

From the NoVA website:

Course Description
In sample surveys, there are two main inferential approaches: the design-based and model-based. The probability sampling theory is part of the former, regression analysis and econometrics provide estimators within the latter inferential mode. Hybrid inference was developed by Nordic scientists to satisfy needs in surveys of natural resources in which auxiliary data from remote sensing play an important role. The new hybrid inference combines properties of the design- and model-based approaches and accounts for uncertainties due to both design and model. The course will provide a general and practical view, as well as a deeper scientific understanding of the new hybrid inferential approach.

The course will focus on the hybrid inferential approach for surveying discrete and continuous natural populations in the presence of auxiliary data. It includes elements from sampling survey theory, such as general sampling concept for discrete and continuous populations, sampling with fixed area plots, relascope sampling, stratified sampling and cluster sampling; as well as elements from regression analysis, such as ordinary least squares regression, generalized least squares regression and maximum likelihood estimators.


NB NORD Conference: Forest Operations in Response to Environmental Challenges @ Honne Hotel & Conference Centre
Jun 3 @ 11:30 – Jun 5 @ 13:00

• Reduced impact logging
• Value recovery and big data
• Mechanized and improved silviculture
• Contractor forestry
• Transport technology and low volume roads
• New and emerging forest products




Preliminary program
Monday 03.06

11:30   Arrival and Lunch

12:30   Welcome and keynote

13:00-18:00  Presentations

19:00  Dinner

Tuesday 04.06

08:30- 12:30   Presentations

12:30 – Lunch, excursion and conference dinner  

Wed 05.06

08:30 -12:00  Presentations

12:00-13:00 Closing and lunch

13:30  Depart Moelv rail station,  arrive Oslo Airport 15:00  (earlier departures can be arranged,  train leaves hourly)  (


Please send a short abstract of your presentation (approx. 250 words, template at the end of this document) by March 15th to Simon Berg at

The final program will be returned by March 31st. 

Extended abstracts will be collected for the workshop proceedings, and there will be an opportunity to edit abstracts after the initial review.


Note that for organizations listed on the registration form, it will be possible to process a joint invoice for all participants.

Conference: Oleofuels @ Venice
Jun 5 @ 09:00 – Jun 6 @ 17:00

From the Oleofuels website: “Already on its 12th edition of a very successful series, Oleofuels 2019 will bring together senior representatives from the biodiesel, renewable diesel and HVO industries to discuss the latest market advancements, developments & business opportunities. The event will cover current challenges and issues faced by the industry and provide an in depth outlook and overview of today`s European & global Oleofuels markets. Policies and regulations, updates on feedstock availability & supplies, followed by cutting – edge technologies helping to meet new emerging transport decarbonisation trends, will provide a basis for an informative and balanced discussion for participants from the across entire supply chain.”

Conference: Forest management for the future in Nordic and Baltic forests @ Vierumäki Resort hotel
Jun 11 @ 11:30 – Jun 13 @ 13:30

Forest management for the future in Nordic and Baltic forests – Long-term experiments answering to today’s questions

The SNS financed Nordic growth and yield researchers network arranges a conference in Finland in June. The conference provides an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues from Nordic and Baltic countries, present and discuss about recent research results, and plan new joint projects and activities within growth and yield research. The organizers especially encourage PhD-students and young researchers to participate in the conference and will reimburse all the travel expenses for up to 6 PhD-students. 

See the program here

Conference website

Summerschool: Protecting the Forest Resource @ Waterford Institute of Technology
Jun 24 @ 08:30 – Jun 28 @ 17:00

Protecting the Forest Resource: Risk assessment and Management using Innovative Tools

From EFI:S website:

EFIPLANT and IEFC, together with the Waterford Institute of Technology, are organising an international summer school entitled “Protecting the Forest Resource: Risk assessment and Management using Innovative Tools” following the very successful inaugural summer school in June 2017. The summer school will be held in Waterford, Ireland from 24-28 June 2019 and hosted by Waterford Institute of Technology.

The focus of the summer school will be on tools for protecting the planted forest resource from different hazards. There will be talks, demonstrations, and training in the use of the latest tools and techniques for assisting modern forestry professionals in making informed forestry risk management decisions. The course will include lectures, field work training, demonstrations and hands-on use of different tools in the field and the laboratory.

The workshop is primarily focused at professional foresters, forest consultants, managers and owners, forestry policy makers, and postgraduate-level students. We expect up to 50 attendees from around the world who will taught by more than 20 internationally recognised experts in the field of forest risk management.”


NOVA: Advanced course of innovation systems in circular bioeconomy @ Viikki Campus and Helsinki Institute for Sustainability Science (HELSUS)
Aug 19 @ 08:30 – Aug 23 @ 05:00

From NOVA website:

Course Description
The aim of this course is to provide a systematic overview of innovation, innovation systems, and their roles in industrial transformation to the circular bioeconomy. Innovation is the necessary ingredient for successful transition of existing governments, companies and societies toward a sustainable future pathway. 

The proposed course has emphasis on the theoretical aspects of innovation system development. The empirical examples are drawn particularly from the business management, governance and networks of especially food and forest sectors finding ways to lead and adapt to the systemic sustainability transition. 
Furthermore, the course brings insights from the economic geography literature in the context of cross-border collaboration networks. 

The course is designed to bring about collaboration among a broad set of interdisciplinary bioeconomy and circular economy researchers working with the sectors depending on sustainable use of natural resources. We anticipate participation of PhD students from multiple disciplines, industry sectors and countries.


The course aims to clarify the foundational concept and applications of innovation literature drawing concrete examples from the industry.

The examples of conceptual topics covered in the course:

  • Organizational culture of innovation
  • Business models and cross-sectoral collaboration
  • Innovations in mature industries
  • New product development and innovation diffusion
  • Social entrepreneuship
  • Open innovation
  • Governance of sustainable innovation system
  • Regional innovation systems
  • Cross-border cooperation in the context of sustainable development



Int conference by the project LIFE ARTEMIS @ M hotel Ljubljana
Sep 25 @ 08:30 – Sep 28 @ 13:00


Key dates
Abstract submission deadline: 15 May 2019
Notification of acceptance: 30 June 2019
Registration deadline: 30 August 2019
Conference dates: 25–28 September 2019

The following keynote speakers have already confirmed their attendance:
• Peter Crow (LIFE Observatree, UK)
• Annamária Csoka and Pál Kézdy (Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate, Hungary)
• Rene Eschen (CABI, Switzerland)
• Massimo Faccoli (University of Padova, Italy)
• Helen Roy (Centre of Ecology and Hydrology, UK)

From the website:
“The conference Detection and control of forest invasive alien species in a dynamic world will offer an engaging platform for researchers, policymakers and practitioners, working on early detection and control of forest invasive alien species (IAS).  Participants will be able to exchange knowledge on the latest developments regarding methods for early detection of alien species and aspects of early warning and rapid response systems. During the conference, we will organise workshops on advances in methods to detect IAS, management of IAS at hot-spots and on the development of institutional frameworks for the management of invasive species.”

Annual meeting: Northern European Network for Wood Science and Engineering @ Palaestra et Odeum, Lunds University
Oct 9 @ 08:30 – Oct 10 @ 17:00

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