International Seminar Bioeconomy-led development

October 18, 2018 @ 08:30 – October 19, 2018 @ 16:00
C3 – Polo Científico Tecnológico
Buenos Aires
Opportunities through Nordic-Southern Cone countries cooperation

CIECTI, FinCEAL+, LUKE Natural Resources     Institute Finland and Lund University are organizing a high level Nordic-Southern Cone bioeconomy seminar in Buenos Aires on 18-19 October 2018. The aim of the seminar is to offer forum for knowledge sharing, networking and a seed platform for the development of new projects.

The duration of the event will be 2 working days, with the possibility of organizing additional meetings, workshops or field visits afterwards. The program of the event will be organized in plenary sessions, in which high-level experts will address the strategic dimensions of the nuclei selected, and parallel thematic working groups focused on the subthemes and topics within each nucleus, led by prominent experts from Southern Cone and Nordic countries.  The target groups of the seminar are researchers, private sector representatives and policy makers/government representatives working in the bioeconomy field.



CIECTI (Argentina) is an interdisciplinary research center that works as a platform for knowledge generation to strengthening policies which add value to the production of goods and services and stimulate a culture of innovation; CIECTI seeks also to impulse public-private synergies, favor social inclusion, protect the natural bases of development and produce socially appropriable knowledge. To those ends, CIECTI research is organized in three main areas related to STI: design, formulation and prospective analysis of policies and institutions; information, monitoring and evaluation, and impact assessment; and strategic, institutional and government planning. Key thematic research areas CIECTI is interested include: natural resources and development, technological development and innovation in cutting edge manufacturing; development of strategies for the development of high socio-economic impact sectors; and novel organizational designs, practices and regulations to foster innovation. More information:

Contact: Miguel Lengyel, Director of Interinstitutional Projects at CIECTI,


FinCEAL+ LAC (Finland) is a project funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, that supports cooperation in science, technology and innovation between Finland, Europe and countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. FinCEAL+ is a national initiative coordinated by Finnish University Partnership for International Development (UniPID) network, and serves all Finnish universities and research institutes. FinCEAL+ activities focus on priority themes defined in the EU-CELAC science policy dialogues: bioeconomy, renewable energy, ICT, health, climate change, biodiversity and sustainable urbanization. More information:

Contact: Kajsa Ekroos, Senior Planning Officer at Finnish University Partnership for International Development/University of Helsinki,

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