Join the conference “Advancing silvicultural technology” in Umeå

The SNS funded network Advancing silvicultural technology arranges a conference in SLU Umeå this summer. The conference is both for academia and practice.


The objectives of the conference are to present ongoing research and development in the Nordic-Baltic region on forest management systems and technology. It will also be an opportunity to discuss future research and development needs. Researchers, undergraduate- and PhD students as well as professionals from operational forestry, forest authorities and industry and other forest organizations are welcome to participate. The conference is free of charge.

 The main silvicultural activities covered are (others activities may also be accepted): 

  • Soil preparation. 
  • Direct seeding and planting. 
  • Young stand management. 
  • Reducing impact of ungulates. 

The main areas of silvicultural technology are (other areas may also be accepted): 

  • Operational models. 
  • Methods and tools, simulations and systems analyses of silvicultural systems and services. 
  • Management and business development of silvicultural services. 
  • Precision forestry. 
  • Sensors and big data. 
  • Automation and robotics. 
  • Open forest and nature data.

Call for abstracts is March 1st–May 1st. Turn to the network coordinator for more information and registration: Dan Bergström (, Associate Professor, Division of Forest Operations, Department of Forest Biomaterials and Technology, Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences (SLU).

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