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Nordic Forest Research (SNS)​ is a co-operating body under the Nordic Council of Ministers that strives to enhance benefits for the Nordic region and to contribute to a sustainable society. We provide funding to interlink forest research and facilitate exchange of brilliant ideas within sustainable forest management in the Nordic region. 

Nordic forests span large geographical ranges, with correspondingly large ranges in environmental conditions. Thus, the composition of the forests and forestry practices also vary, but there are long traditions of mutual respect, collaborative research and commitment to sharing knowledge among Nordic foresters and forest researchers. Key components of SNS’ mission are to encourage, coordinate and enhance Nordic research efforts, raise the international profile of Nordic forest research, and actively participate in European forest policy and research.

For the period 2018-2021 emphasis is placed on the following strategic areas:
– Meeting the demands of sustainable forest management in a growing bioeconomy
– Maintenance and increased utilisation of ecosystem services
– Climate change adaptation and mitigation

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To be funded by SNS your activity needs to address Nordic forests or forestry related issues. Furthermore, the activity need to include participants from at least three Nordic countries and your subject should generate results that are important in a Nordic context. Your project will facilitate the exchange of knowledge, contacts between researchers in the different Nordic countries or sharing of research equipment and research results.
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