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Find the network that interest you most! This is the place to look for a shorter and easier summary of SNS projects.


SNS CAR-NetworksPolicy briefs 2016-2020


EFINORD and SNS Networks Policy briefs 2017

  • Improving Effectiveness of Forest Research Results
  • NEFOM – Northern European Forest Mycologists
  • Wood Science and Engineering
  • Nordic Network of Forest Regeneration
  • Growth and Yield researchers Network
  • UFNR – Urban Forests in Nordic Regions
  • BNFSG – Baltic – Nordic Forest Statistics Group


NKJ and SNS Networks Policy briefs 2016

  • Fibre Ties – The use of fibrous materials from biomass
  • Sustainable production of biomass
  • Effects of bioenergy production from forests and agriculture on ecosystem services
  • Pathogen-informed control of oomycete diseases in forestry and agriculture


EFINORD and SNS Networks Policy briefs 2016

  • WSE
  • SSFE
  • Forest, Forestry and water issues
  • Ecotoxic Components in Wood Ash
  • NFPS
  • 3D LiDAR Network
  • NB-Forest Research Communicators


SNS CAR Networks Policy briefs 2011-2015


SNS Projects Policy briefs



EFINORD and SNS policy briefs from 2013-2015








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