Workshop: “Hybrid aspen and poplar breeding and cultivation”, presentations

Date: February 7-8, 2017

Location: Helsinki, Finland

In several of the Nordic and Baltic countries there has been an increasing interest in growing hybrid aspen and poplar for biomass production. Although some bilateral co-operation between countries is going on, especially on exchange of breeding material, there are opportunities for co-operation at a larger scale e.g. for testing breeding material, developing growth models and identifying possible risks.

The aims of the workshop were:

  • Get an overview in what is going on in the different Nordic and Baltic countries in the field of breeding, development of management practices as well as pests and diseases for hybrid aspen and poplars.
  • Identify suitable subjects for co-operation between those countries in.
  • Identify the most important stakeholders in each country for this matter.
  • Identify possible sources for funding of such activities, and prepare a lay out for funding applications.

Here you find the workshop program.



Adler A.: Poplars for the Northern Climate.

Beuker E., Viherä-Aarnio A., Hynynen J. & Hytönen J.: Hybrid aspen in Finland

Rytter L.: Swedish activities on Populus species, excluding the breeding programme

Stener L.-G.: Hybridaspen and Poplar – Breeding activities at Skogforsk

Sverrisson H.: Poplar cultivation and research in Iceland

Tullus H. & Lutter R.: Hybrid aspen (poplars) in Estonia, cultivation and breeding

Zeps M. & Jansons A.: Hybrid aspen in Latvia

Ziauka J.: Populus breeding and cultivation studies in Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry

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