First conference: “Challenges in tree resistance breeding”

Date: June 7–9, 2016

Location: Punkaharju, Finland

Punkaharjun tutkimuspuisto ilmasta 3

The specific aim of the 1st HealGenCAR conference was to bring together people working with forest genetics, tree breeding and forest health issues in Nordic countries to discuss timely topics and potential joint efforts in the future. The meeting included scientific indoor sessions on 7.-8.6., and a field excursion by bus on 9.6., starting at Punkaharju and ending at the airport in Helsinki.

Here you can download the HealGenCAR First Conference program.



Tuesday   June 7

Tuija Aronen: HealGenCAR Aims and Activities
Karoliina Niemi: Forest health – a corner stone of the successful forest-based industry
Fred Asiegbu: Molecular Analysis of Heterobasidion – Conifer Pathosystem
Jan Stenlid: Heterobasidion & conifers – potentials for resistance breeding?
Teemu Teeri: Developmental changes in Scots pine transcriptome during heartwood formation
Katri Kärkkäinen: Adaptive variation and breeding: growth rhythm vs. disease resistance
Anni Harju: Development of high-throughput phenotyping of Scots pine heartwood stilbenes.
Ilze Snepste: Cloning, expression and antimicrobial activity of a thaumatin – like protein from Pinus sylvestris
Hans Peter Ravn: Review of current pests in the Nordic countries
Adelstein Sigurgeirsson: Breeding for poplar leaf rust resistance in Iceland
Tiina Ylioja: Screening forest trees for insect   resistance: two case studies
Olle Rosenberg: Dendroctonus micans– a friend or foe in spruce seed orchards
Heli Viiri: Pine weevil research in Finland
Mathias Just Justesen: Cryphalus Piceae outbreaks in Denmark
Jing Xu: Genetics of Nordmann fir (Abies nordmanniana) Susceptibility to Neonectria neomacrospora in Denmark
Ulrik Nielsen: Overview of resistance breeding in Christmas trees – a Danish perspective
Igor Yakovlev: Complex regulation of repeat domain proteins during stress and development in Norway spruce
Wednesday   June 8
Hans Peter Ravn & Lene Rostgaard Nielsen: The Natural Evolutionary Potential of Tree Populations to Cope with Newly Introduced Pests and Pathogens
Christer Björkman: Global change and plant resistance against pests
Elina Oksanen: Acclimation of northern forest trees to rapidly changing environment – Insights from the Betula studies.
Hans Peter Ravn: New insects on trees in Denmark – invasive and climate change related
Jarkko Hantula: The threat of East Asian pathogens to Nordic Forests
Björn Ökland: Suitability of North American spruces to the Eurasian spruce bark beetle, Ips typographus
Seppo Ruotsalainen: Pine wood nematode resistance in Finnsih plus-tree progenies of Scots pine.
Aris Jansons: Stem cracks in hybrid aspen (Populus tremuloides × P. tremula) plantations in Latvia.
Paal Krokene: Priming of plant immunity: molecular mechanisms of defence priming in Norway spruce
Baiba Krivmane: Conservative microRNA studies and analyses in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L)
Curt Almqvist: Biocontrol of cherry spruce rust disease caused by Thekopsora areolate
Lene Rostgaard Nielsen: Fighting ash dieback with new and old tools

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