Mar 1 @ 00:15 – Jun 1 @ 23:45

Time to apply for EFINORD–SNS networks!

2nd International Forest Policy Meeting @ Wageningen Campus
Apr 11 – Apr 13 all-day

There is a master class that will take place on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th of April 2018.

Int conference: Governing sustainability of Bioenergy @ University of Copenhagen
Apr 17 @ 08:00 – Apr 19 @ 17:00

Welcome to the website for the conference ”Governing sustainability of bioenergy, biomaterial and bioproduct supply chains from forest and agricultural landscapes” which will take place from the 17th – 19th of April 2018 at the University of Copenhagen.

We invite presentations on research that examines, reviews, or analyses topics relevant to the conference themes:

  1. Sustainability impacts of biomass production
  2. Policies and governance systems to assure sustainability of bio-based supply chains
  3. Data and methodologies to verify sustainable practices
  4. Stakeholder perceptions and engagement in relation to sustainability governance

We warmly welcome scientists, researchers, policy makers, actors from relevant economic sectors and industries, NGOs and other interested persons.

The conference is organized by IEA Bioenergy Task 43 “Biomass feedstocks for bioenergy markets”, the Nordic-Baltic SNS-NKJ network activity “Effect of bioenergy production from forests and agriculture on ecosystem services in the Nordic and Baltic landscapes”, and CAR-ES III “Centre of Advanced Research on Environmental Services from Nordic Forest Ecosystems”
SNS and EFINORD Matchmaking Day @ Alnarp, Articum 3
May 8 @ 09:30 – 15:30
Matchmaking day: Perfect start for the Nordic research network of your dreams

Network to improve your research, or make your networking more efficient and creative! Our matchmaking day gives you new ideas, new contacts and new inspiration! Our Matchmaking day is free of charge.

Join us May 8th in Alnarp, Sweden and meet research colleagues, train your networking skills and, not least, learn how to create an inspiring climate for networking in groups. With this, Dr. Eva Hoff from Lund University, will be of good help. She is an associate senior lecturer and has done a lot of research on the topic.

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SNS network meeting: Improving the Effectiveness of Forest Research Results
May 15 – May 16 all-day
International Forest Business Conference @ Hotel Kiston
Jun 6 @ 07:45 – Jun 8 @ 15:30

A greater demand for energy, volatility in the fossil fuel markets and increasing material resource scarcity are considered as the most significant sustainability megaforces shaping European and global wood industry markets over next 15 years. Together with unstable consumer demand, uncertain policies and indifference among regulators, forest and wood industry have never experienced such significant barriers to advancing sustainability and profitability.


The goal of the International Forest Business Conference 2018 is to focus on megatrends that shape forest and wood industry sectors, highlight transformation of forest related businesses towards a low-carbon bioeconomy, discuss tensions between sustainability and cost competitiveness, and call attention to new green innovations.

Dead Wood Course @ Konnevesi Biological Station, University of Jyväskylä
Jun 16 @ 08:00 – Jun 17 @ 15:00
Ecology and conservation of saproxylic species and dead wood habitats in Europe

The IV dead wood course entitled Ecology and conservation of saproxylic species and dead wood habitats in Europe will take place in Finland, at the Konnevesi biological station. The course will take place on the weekend immediately following the European Congress of Conservation Biology, the course dates are 16–17 June 2018, SAT-SUN. Accommodation, food, sauna, and local transportation costs are included in the course fee.

Do you have an interest in dead wood ecology and conservation of forests and woodland landscapes in Europe? Dead wood research or conservation experience is not required. It is expected that participant have ecology and conservation education, and knowledge of entomology and mycology is welcome.

Reforestation Challenges @ Kneza Višeslava 1
Jun 20 @ 08:30 – Jun 22 @ 16:00
A Reforestation Conference is an opportunity for scientists to gather, present and exchange results and experiences from research areas relevant to reforestation. 
Top researchers from Europe and North America are invited as speakers. 
Conference objectives are to encourage researchers towards more dynamic ongoing cooperation and to publish a thematic journal issue with the latest results covering all aspects of the reforestation process. The presented results from the Conference should fill the gaps in knowledge about reasons of success and failure in reforestation programs. 
Overall, the Conference will highlight challenges of reforestation and provide some solutions, while contributing to interactions between researchers and practitioners. 
All researchers, and particularly young ones, will get additional support and opportunity to exchange information and to build their research network and collaborative abilities.
IUFRO: 11th international beech symposium
Sep 18 @ 08:30 – Sep 21 @ 15:00

Ecology and silviculture of beech

‘Natural and Managed Beech Forests as Reference Ecosystems for the Sustainable Management of Forest Resources and the Conservation of Biodiversity’

The conference is open to scientists/practitioners/policy makers and welcomes all contributes related to:

  • Biology and ecology of beech, including genetics, physiology, paleoecology and biogeography
  • Natural dynamics of beech forests and their importance for biodiversity conservation
  • Management of beech forests and their role in providing ecosystem services



from February 1st 2018!


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