Who we are

SNS (Nordic Forest Research, or SamNordisk Skogsforskning) is a cooperating body, financed with Nordic funds under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The members are Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the independent areas of Åland, Faroe islands and Greenland.


Our main goals:

• SNS promotes research that highlights the diverse functions of the forest in sustainable forestry. SNS contributes to the socially, economically and ecologically responsible management and utilisation of forests and wood resources in the Nordic region.

• SNS advises the Nordic Council of Ministers on questions concerning forests and forest research.


The aims of SNS:

…to create Nordic Synergy within forest research by granting support to networks, research meetings, projects, joint utilization of unique research facilities etc.

…to promote the developement of new research areas through initiating networks and task forces.

…to promote research cooperation with countries in the Baltic Sea region and neighbours in the Atlantic region.

…to work to ensure the research results are communicated to the relevant parties within the Nordic cooperation framework.

…to strenghten the role of Nordic forest research in European collaboration and encourage Nordic forest researchers to take part in international projects.



What we do

SNS finances networks and research projects which aims research co-operation, communication of knowledge.

SNS also supports two scientific journals, Scandinavian journal of Forest Research and Wood Material Science and Engineering, and publishes news eight times a year in the newsletter News&Views.



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